Five Points of Life Half Marathon

IMG_2826Pre Race Layout to prepare for the race the next day. Packet Pick up and then will go explore the campus!!

Thank you to #Fitletic for the awesome race belt that comfortably holds my iPhone 7 in its Pelican case so I can listen to my #Jaybirdfreedoms wirelessly!!


Cant say enough for what #Rungum has done to my run. I love the burst of energy and focus I get on the second half of my run!! What an amazing product!! No jitters or restlessness – simply energy, focus, and power!!

#Honeystinger chews are perfect for me. I am not really hungry but always want to be able to chew on something. They are wonderful treat and easy to chew while running.

Around the Stadium…..this is where we ran out to cross the road after going around the inside of the stadium. Such a nice treat while doing a race!

Heisman statues around the stadium. Awesome tribute to some of the legends that have played here.

Not the  best picture but it was my first time at this stadium and touring this campus!! #gogators

All done!! That was actually a lot of fun! Weather was great! Not my best time but def a really fun challenging race!!! Glad to have been able to experience the “bacon strip” and race with some really amazing people!!

Thanks for the support #Bettydesigns


I always get asked about my glasses….they are a custom design between Rudy Project and Betty Designs…..

They are available at look for the Momentum collaboration!

Pretty cool Medal as well!! Thanks Gainesville!!!!

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