I am a Specizlized Bicycles womans ambassador.  What does a womens ambassador do or mean, I foucs on bringing awareness to women on bikes by hosting monthly events that encourges new woman to the word of bike riding. The events are designed to introduce women to the sport of cycling by creating a safe, fun and inviting environment. If you would like more information on local events please send me a message in the contact section and i will help you.  I work with Specizlized bike companies located in the North Florida, so please look for me in  your area. When do you do come to one of my events, do me a favor, come up to me  and introduce yourself –  I am just like you and put on my cycling bibs one leg at a time. LOL 🙂
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For more information in regards to Specialized bikes and accessories look at your local dealer or
 TriTats provides a system of temporary triathlon tattoos that triathletes self-apply in the comfort of home or hotel the night before or the morning of the big event.  No more stress, no more waiting in the body-marking line.  It is all done at home in a clean environment; the tattoos are uniform and easily read by race officials.  TriTats offer a new sense of professionalism to the event’s image and are professional looking for the athlete.
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FAST ENERGY: Unlike most energy products that require digestion, Run Gum Energy Gum uses sublingual absorption to give you boost of energy when you need it the most. Just a few all!
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Cupcake 🧁 Cartel 2018/19




Excited to be a part of a group that empowers women! For ,ore information on how you can join check out I Race Like A Girl for more information. I really like how Angela utilizes her strong sponsor support to give back to the community via #teamchallenges and increased volunteerism all over the world. Tighten up your ponytail and join us.