Women’s Power Saddle with Mimic

I received my #mimic saddle from Specialized. This saddle was marketed specifically for women to eliminate the typical saddle discomfort most experience while riding. Great concept, a comfortable saddle that eliminates the pain in your female area (see still uncomfortable calling it what it is) why is that????? Anyway back to the saddle – for the installation I went to my bike shop at Open Road Bicycles  (oh my gosh isn’t it beautiful on my bike) One of the key factors is to also make sure you have a good fit for the angle and position of your bike seat.  During every ride long or short you want  to be comfortable….Mimic meets my comfort needs.This seat is definitely different then the regular unisex saddles that are currently marketed. It is shorter and wider….softer yet harder….I didn’t feel the saddle anymore…WOW – ok well this was really nice. The pressure points and discomfort felt with my old saddle was non existent….this was very comfortable. Very excited to share this with all my lady friends…..No More discomfort – now can someone tell my legs to shut up????

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