My latest adventure was to fly to Washington DC for the Marine Corp Marathon. I have wanted to do this for years but for a while Ironman training got in the way. This year I was lucky enough to get in via the lottery. I really was hoping to do NYC but this worked out nicely….

My only negative about this entire weekend was that so many fun things were going on…..Hincapie Gran Fondo, Ironman North Carolina 70.3, F1 in Texas, and Cyclofest in NC……Oh my the life of a busy endurance athlete…

I flew into DC on Friday morning and went directly to the expo at the Gaylord National Convention Center. I ran into a local friend at the expo….The venue was packed!!! Lots of people – but managed thru relatively quick. We left there and walked to the water and had lunch before heading back to hotel to check in…

Friday evening I took a bike tour of the monuments at night… much fun and nice way to shake out my legs…

Saturday morning was the Fall Garden Tour of the White House….this only happens twice a year and is put on by the National Park Services. How fortunate to be in town for this event 🙂

Saturday evening was spent walking around Georgetown checking out some shops and then getting ready for the big day on Sunday..

Sunday was fun – not to cold and not to hot…so much fun running all over Washington DC – the marine corp marathon is a phenomenal event….

Will update with lots of pictures from the race!  Iwo Jima is being remodeled so that was not able to be seen but still had the honor of finishing strong up the hill beside it!

After the race Sunday afternoon continued to explore DC by foot and ate by the water in Georgetown. SOOOOOO yummy!!

Monday was a full day of exploration and tons of bucket list check offs….I will admit it was a little bit slower of a pace then the previous days getting around…starting out the day fueled from Ebbit Grill def helped!!

Tuesday was a little rough  – flight delays and confusion made for it a long day but finally was able to climb into my bed and relax before the sun went down!!!

The best vacations are proven to be race cations!!!  Stay fit so you can constantly explore and take in all this beautiful world has to offer!

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