I will show you how to make Keto Icecream that will help you into ketosis, give you protein, and in less than 20 minutes.

First I am using the new formula from Pruvit called Chocolate Protones. This formula is a protein powder for the keto diet that is designed to keep you in ketosis. It can be used by itself or made into icecream – this is a major win for me because I love icecream – now I can make it quick and guilt free.

First I pull out my ninja blender.

Grab my choc protones, a pack of uncharged mint chip ketones , and heavy whipping cream (1 cup) then blend well all together.

Pour this into a gallon ziplock bag.

place into freezer for 15 minutes.

You can either cut the corner of bag and make several bowls or scoop out like I did and have a great treat all while staying in ketosis 💪🏼😊🙌🏼

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