Avocados are my new best friend – fun fact – I have always been a picky eater – I had to be my moms worst nightmare – so I get the whole I “don’t like” anything mentality – doing lazy keto and adding #ketones as a supplement has been a game changer for me. I went from being tired and no focus – to very being more present with my family, exercising better – even with a heart condition, the meds that I have to take for my heart no longer control me – they literally drained me and I needed to take back my life. Enter some friends that took the step to make changes for themselves – I was a skeptic, being a nurse thought no way this can literally #biohack you into #ketosis but boy was I wrong –

Now when I am helping others meet their goals we all chuckle – because they too looked at me crazy when I said – I stay fit eating burgers and fries every day 🙂 lol 😂 wish I had pictures of their faces.

#cheeseburger #royalwithcheese #fats #healthyfats #eatifyouarehungry #lazyketo #ketones #biohack #ketosis #lifecoach #nurse #RNlife #nutritionalguidance #lowcarb #notyouraverageguac #lunch #mealprep #motherhustler #alwaysready

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