Strong In My Make-up

Hi, I wear makeup when I race. Does that mean that I don’t race seriously? Absolutely not. Being a woman allows you to be badass and beautiful, this I embrace. But society doesn’t seem to think that you can be both. I am here, with many others to show the world that you can. To me make up is like war paint. When I wake up the morning before any event I spend extra time in making sure my braids are tight, my lipstick pops, and my tan glows. This makes me radiate confidence and helps me to dig a little deeper on race day.  All of this may seem crazy to some,  but like I taught my boys growing up, you dress for success. So when I prepare for a long day such as an Ironman distance event, off road trail run or a killer Gran Fondo my makeup is just as key as my training. So I say judge me. Underestimate me. See me and quietly sneer  “oh its silly to wear make up during a race”.  Your mistake.  I’ll keep my warpaint, #racelikeagirl, and own it like a boss. Embrace all that you are.  Make your own choices with that lipstick.  Have fun, race hard and feel good. Most importantly if you see me at any event say hello and lets grab a selfie.


Photo credit: Justin Luau

Race: Indian Wells 2018 Ironman 70.3

#tritats #thecupcakecartel #iracelikeagirl #teamQRbike #teamchallenge #ironman #socialmediachallenge #stronginmymakeup #runhearttri #angelanaeth #quintanarootri

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