Interesting information about Pruvit and our ketones

🔬 Pruvit, Patents, Dept. of Defense + NASA, Why I choose Pruvit over any other company!!


Pruvit owns the patent on pure therapeutic ketones which was developed with grants from the Department of Defense and the Office of Naval Research to avoid brain toxicity/seizures at high altitudes and in deep sea missions, among other things.


No one can reproduce Pruvit’s pure therapeutic ketones which are bio-identical to the Ketone created in your body and, regardless of diet, will put you into ketosis.


The knock offs have filler salts in them that cannot be used by the body very well. They also are called instaketones which has found to have human nails and hair in them. (Yeah… research does wonders!)


Here’s some info you can read that goes into more research on Pruvit’s Exogenous Therapeutic Ketones.


Patent ownership in first paragraph of FAQ:

Click to access pruvit-faq.pdf


Our Ketone formula funded by Department of Defense and Office of Naval Research (see Research Interests)


Our Ketone formula used in NASA missions to avoid seizures:


Doctors/Research Scientists/Authors of the Ketogenic Bible:


Learn more:

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