This is the product I use on my 2 hour rides to stay fasted for my workouts. 1 bottle of this and 1 bottle of water rotated!


Ruby Rush UNLEASHED, this has more of a caffeine jolt then our traditional MAX and NAT – also has more ketones as well.


This clean and refreshing new flavor is very pure, not tart or sour but tastes like a sweet grapefruit mixed with a blood orange!!! It is the most delicious citrus drink ever!!!

This is a NAT Unleashed formula, which means it has the fastest absorbing ketones in the world and it is kicked up with some extra caffeine! It works perfectly with intermittent fasting or as a fat burning pre-workout drink that wont make you tingle or feel jittery.


It is listed as two boxes for the purchase. (It is ONLY available today)


United States: https://runhearttri.pruvitnow.com/product/keto-os-unleashed-ruby-rush/

Canada: Canadian Ketones

Australia: Australian Ketones

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