Ho 🎅 Ho 🤶 Ho 🎅

It’s the LAST DAY of the 12 days of Christmas, and boy are we going out with a bang! ☕️

Introducing KETO//KREME® Peppermint Mocha! 😱

Yes, this beloved seasonal treat is officially keto-friendly! This sachet is the perfect blend of sweetness and peppermint.

Healthy fats, collagen, and MCT oil to support this lifestyle!

You already know KETO//KREME® is coffees BFF, but it’s also great mixed with milk, hot or cold, blended or on the rocks. Personally, this flavor would make for an EPIK frozen peppermint mocha hot chocolate.

Watch how it works here!

🤭 Follow the button below to shop this limited release, and save 22% STOREWIDE*, worldwide! Offers end TONIGHT at 11:59pm CT. 🎄

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